FBI directory James Comey – oops, never mind

Today FBI Directory James Comey completely backed off from his announcement about new emails which he made last week, which sent the presidential election into sudden turmoil. The surprising letter from FBI Director James Comey was the culmination of a fast paced review of the newly discovered email, law enforcement sources said Sunday. “We went through […]

Trump woefully unprepared for election ground operations

Now Trump is complaining about Nevada extending voting hours so everybody waiting online can vote. What’s he afraid of? Doesn’t he want everybody to have a chance to vote? And he is complaining that Hillary’s campaign is busing in voters to vote, calling it “rigged.” It’s called ground operations. He is just unprepared. Basically he’s […]


The NY Daily News wrote a 14 page editorial against Trump

The Daily News published a blistering, 14-chapter editorial that railed against Donald Trump and everything that he stands for. You can see it here. Its front page on Friday morning: “NEWS TO AMERICA: BURY TRUMP IN A LANDSLIDE. Restore U.S. honor with giant defeat of the fearmongering demagogue.” Friday’s editorial, which clocks in at more […]


The Al Smith Dinner 2016 – Trump booed, Hillary schmoozes

I tuned in for the Al Smith dinner. I was really wondering how it would go this year. Alfred E. Smith IV, the chairman of the dinner,  began by saying both candidates were amicable before starting, with Donald Trump approaching Hillary and asking how she was doing. Hillary replied, “I’m doing fine. Now please get out of the ladies’ dressing […]


Trump vs democracy, and Hillary wins

In another self-destructive, irresponsible move, Donald Trump refused to say he would accept the result of the presidential election in November. “I will look at it at the time,” he said at the final presidential debate. “I’ll keep you in suspense.” Hillary Clinton called his response “horrifying.” When Trump said what he said the audience gasped. The […]